Either manage backups yourself or let us take care of them with our Managed Backup Service.

Choose to either monitor your own backups or for total peace of mind, choose our fully Managed Backup Service where we manage and monitor all of your backups, and resolve any issues that may occur.

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A good data backup solution is essential insurance for your business.

Infraworx caters for all business data solutions and environments. Our services support good backup design whereby one copy of backup data is kept onsite at your premises, and a second copy is sent offsite automatically to our data centre.

It’s true value would only be realised if an unfortunate event would occur, such as being attacked by Ransomware, having flooding or fire on your premises or even having a disgruntled employee damage your data.

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We can tailor a plan that perfectly fits with your business needs, allowing you to rest easy, knowing your data is securely backed up.

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We can provide secure data backup solutions for all sectors and industries.

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