Deliver availability, simplicity and scale

Infraworx restores give you the ability to recover exactly what you need when you need it. Restore entire Hyper-V VMs in minutes and recover individual files or application items residing inside a Hyper-V backup with a simple search and restore.

Meet your recovery objectives

Flexibility to meet even your tightest recovery objectives for Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

Confidence delivered daily

Find the data you need with powerful search and filtering capabilities.

Be ready for disaster recovery

Be prepared for DR with accelerated replication that automates moving backups off site.

Application-consistent backups

Veeam Backup & Replication provides true application-aware processing, all in a single-pass, image-level backup of VSS-aware applications. This is the level of protection that you need to gain the flexible recovery your application needs.

Next-generation instant recovery engine

Take advantage of speed and reliability for your largest recovery, all wrapped into a single instant recovery engine with Veeam Backup & Replication. Leverage many flexible recovery methods beyond just Instant VM Recovery with file and multi-VM recovery from a single-pass, image-level backup.

Replication sourced from your backups

Reduce the burden on your production Hyper-V VMs’ read I/O operations by leveraging the backup copies to be the replication source. Take advantage of built-in WAN Acceleration that improves speed on both fast and slow links alike.

Track changes for fast backups

Increase the speed and reduce the Hyper-V backup footprint by protecting only what has changed since the last backup. Changed Block Tracking technology to increase the speed and efficiency of incremental backups, helping you meet even the tightest of backup windows.

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