Here’s how it works.

We supply everything

Rather than purchasing your printers upfront, self-managing your devices, ordering consumables and servicing when you need it, Infraworx can take over your end-to-end print management for a simple monthly fee.

We maintain everything

Infraworx manages all your printing equipment, all service and support, and automate the supply of consumables, so you never run out of toner again.

Why use a managed print service?

Moving to a managed print service can offer a range of benefits to your business.

Cost savings

Choosing a printing partner reduces your capital expenditure on printing equipment. We continuously optimise your print volumes and processes, so we can reduce your ongoing IT spend. Equipment, consumables and service costs are all covered in your monthly fee, keeping your cash flow predictable and easier to manage.


In addition to the financial benefits, there are considerable technological advantages such as enhanced data security, and smart printing solutions that improve your document workflows and deliver efficiencies to your staff.

Reduce staffing responsibility

By outsourcing your printing you can reduce the burden on your internal IT team, reduce hardware and volume printing costs and improve employee productivity.


Report on individual staff member and department print usage. This can assist in keeping print costs down and billing clients for printer usage if required.

Office Printing

Easy to understand pricing.

Perfect for small and big business.

Managed printing is for both small and big businesses — and perfectly suited to modern workplaces that mix office centricity with remote flexibility.

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