Infraworx Backup for VMware Capabilities

In the modern data center, virtualization comes standard, and for most organizations, VMware is the driving force of modernization. From file servers to the critical applications and databases that power global businesses, almost everything is virtualized across the spectrum. VMware backup is essential to the data center and must be considered when planning your data protection strategy.

Simple, Agentless Management

True agentless protection with item-and object-level recovery.

Meet RTOs and RPOs

Recover anything instantly to VMware while meeting the recovery objectives of your organization.

Software-defined and storage-agnostic

Gain the freedom to build your backup solution on your existing environment without needing to purchase a proprietary hardware-based solution.

Agentless and VMware-native

Adhering to VMware’s mission of avoiding unnecessary components, true agentless protection provides item-and object-level recovery from a single image-based backup without all the extra overhead.

Next-generation Instant Recovery Engine

Achieve business continuity, avoid downtime and satisfy your SLAs by meeting your RPOs and RTOs with the pioneer of Instant Recovery — without needing specialized hardware.


Keep ransomware out of your VMware backups with 100% ransomware-proof protection from native immutable across the lifecycle of your backups.

Monitoring and Analytics

Proactive management of your VMware backups with reporting and visibility that increases success, streamlines your support experience and monitors your VMware infrastructure for malicious activity.

Enable DevOps

Instantly leverage your VMware backups in a virtual sandbox for application development and patch testing to achieve your business transformation.

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