Take Control of Your PostgreSQL Backups

The use of Linux servers for databases, file servers and other high-transaction applications has become commonplace in businesses today. Infraworx provides you with the tools you need to protect, recover and manage specialized Linux servers with confidence.

Benefits of Infraworx Backup for PostgreSQL

Protect Your Entire Linux Ecosystem

Back up and recover your critical Linux workloads.

Centralized Management and Deployment

Manage Linux backups alongside your other hybrid cloud workloads.

Secure Policy-Driven Protection

Use immutable protection for leading Linux distributions.

Fast, Comprehensive Backups

The backup Linux kernel module has built-in file system snapshots that won’t interrupt service, even with Linux Virtual Machine (LVM) snapshots.

Low-Impact, Consistent Recovery

Flexible recovery lets you choose exactly what you need since Veeam’s backups retain everything, including extended file attributes. You can also create application-consistent images with advanced application processing.

Protect Against Cyberthreats

Keep your Linux backups safe from attack by backing up directly to a Veeam-immutable hardened repository.

Changed Block Tracking (CBT) and Snapshot Driver

Fast and consistent incremental backups can now be achieved in Linux without impacting the host and network any longer than needed.

Direct Linux Backup to Object Storage

Back up directly to Infraworx’s Cloud storage environment and to your on premise storage.

Secure Linux Recovery

Generate shareable, time-limited access keys or recovery tokens that enable users to connect to a Veeam repository when performing bare metal recovery.

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