Nutanix Backup and Recovery

With the growing complexity of today’s datacenter, the key to data resilience is being empowered to modernize with a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) while protecting and preserving business continuity at a moment’s notice when issues arise.

Hyperconverged Backup Done Right

Powerful Nutanix Backup

Natively protect Nutanix AHV with secure, comprehensive backup.

Flexible Nutanix Recovery

Recover Nutanix AHV workloads and data instantly to the cloud or other hypervisors.

Simplified Nutanix Operations

Unified backup management across your entire enterprise.

Protect Everything

Perform frequent and fast agentless backups that are sourced from Nutanix Files or native snapshots.


Achieve application-aware backups with Nutanix Guest Tools integration.

Granular Recovery

Generate fast application and item-level recovery for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory.

Fast Recovery

Achieve quick and efficient restores with native Linux file-level recovery appliances.

Flexible Restore

Leverage snapshot, disk and virtual machine (VM) restore mobility to the cloud and the edge.

Nutanix Familiarity

Use a powerful, web-based interface with a familiar Nutanix Prism experience.

Management That Makes Sense

Create flexible backup policies to protect AHV VM groups with simple exclusion options.

Secure Access

Keep your data safe with Multifactor Authentication and role-based access.

Unified Management

Manage Nutanix AHV protection along with your other workloads through a single backup console.

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