Comprehensive, Automated Protection for Microsoft Azure Data

Infraworx Backup for Microsoft Azure delivers native, policy-based protection to help you reliably recover from accidental deletion, ransomware and other data loss scenarios. Immutable backup, full- and file-level restores and an API-first approach ensure resilient protection that’s easy and cost-optimized, which frees up time and resources for more strategic IT priorities.

Infraworx Backup for Microsoft Azure Key Features

Layered Security

Including logical separation, least privilege access and immutability for cloud resiliency.

Powerful Recovery

Broad coverage of recovery options in and out of the cloud.

Optimized for Azure

The most customizable RPOs with comprehensive, native protection that keeps cloud costs down.

Logically Air-Gapped

Logical separation of backup data from production accounts.

Secure Access

Least-privilege IAM and role-based access controls (RBAC).

Immutable Storage

Leverage Immutable Storage in Azure Blob to store data in a WORM state.

Recovery Flexibility

Across subscriptions, regions or even restore outside of Azure.

Full- and File-Level

Full instance or granular recovery, in-place or as new.

Simplified Recovery

Wizard-driven, automated and self-service workflows.

Automated Backup

Automated discovery and protection via native backups.


Backup lifecycling to object storage with cost calculations.

Hybrid Ready

Operationally consistent management across hybrid- and multi-cloud* environments.

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