Transform Your Data Recovery

Restore Explorers offer the ultimate data recovery solution for businesses. These powerful tools standardize and accelerate the recovery of SQL Server, Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint data. Say goodbye to recovery complexity!

Enterprise Protection, Anywhere

Improve Your Recovery Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Reduce downtime with the pioneer of instant recovery.

Locate Exactly What You Need With Speed and Consistency

Find the data you need with powerful search and filtering capabilities.

You Don’t Need To Be a Database Administrator

Access granular restores without the need for specialized training.

Full or Granular Recovery for Microsoft SQL, Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint

Instant SQL Recovery

Instantly recover one or multiple databases simultaneously.

Granular SQL Recovery

Recover an entire database or just individual transactions and tables.

SQL Database Export

Export a database to a specific transaction or point in time.

Active Directory Object Recovery

Recover individual objects, attributes and organizational units.

Bulk Active Directory Exports

Export objects, OUs and attributes for bulk user operations.

Resurrect Active Directory Tombstones

Reliably restore tombstone objects, including ones that are expired.

Granular Exchange Recovery

Perform searches, browse and recover granular mailbox objects.

Help Desk-Enabled Exchange Recovery

Empower your help desk with web-based mailbox item recovery.

Effortless Exchange eDiscovery

Quickly satisfy requests to enable eDiscovery investigations.

Fast SharePoint Recovery

Achieve short recovery time objectives (RTOs) for individual SharePoint items and permissions.

Browse Your SharePoint Database

Browse SharePoint directly from a backup without the need for extraction.

Export SharePoint Items

Create XMLs for recovered SharePoint items and lists for import.

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